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Paternity means legal fatherhood.  Establishing or setting up paternity is the process used to show who is the legal father of a child.  When a woman is married, her husband is legally presumed to be the father of the child.  However, if the parents are not married to each other at the start of the pregnancy or at the birth of the child, paternity needs to be established by genetic testing, by both parents signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity Form (03PA209E), or if the mother is married.


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Paternity can be established if both parents sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity.  If the mother is married to a man who is not the natural father of the child, the husband must also sign a Denial of Paternity, 03PA210E.  A judge can also establish paternity.


Paternity also includes child custody, visitation, father's rights, and child support when in the context of divorce.

If you are a mother seeking child support, you need to establish your child's paternity to obtain a support order from the court.  If you are a father seeking visitation or custody, you may need to legally establish paternity to recover your rights as a father.


If you are seeking to resolve a paternity-related dispute in Oklahoma, the Law Office of Jonny Randall, Esq., know exactly what to do and will stand up for the rights of your child and your rights as a parent. Our team is seasoned in the complexities of Oklahoma’s legal system, understand the ins and outs, and are ready to draw from our extensive knowledge to give you the best chance of a favorable case outcome.


If you or a loved one needs to establish paternity or is having his paternity challenged / taken away.  Don't think things will get better,   Our law office wants to hear your side of the story.


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