Misdemeanor Attorney Oklahoma

Depending on where the crime was committed, (jurisdiction), some examples of a misdemeanor are:


• Disorderly conduct

• Petty theft

• Possession of marijuana and in some jurisdictions first-time possession of certain other drugs

• Prostitution

• Public intoxication

• Reckless driving

• Simple assault

• Speeding

• Trespassing

• Vandalism

• Other similar crimes



Examples of a felony are:


Assault: If severe enough, it can warrant a felony charge.  Assault occurs when someone threatens physical violence, causing fear or harm. Usually, assault occurs with the use of a weapon, such as a gun or knife.

Battery: Which usually is accompanied by assault, occurs when someone actually causes another person physical harm, usually with the use of a weapon or fists.

Arson: When someone intentionally sets fire to a building or, in some instances, a natural area, such as a forest.

Rape: The act of engaging someone in non-consensual sex.

Murder: Also known as homicide, is when one person kills another person.


Some states subdivide felonies into groupings frequently called degrees.

The lower the degree, the more severe the crime. For example, first-degree murder, which is murder that is premeditated, is considered more severe than second-degree murder, which is not premeditated.


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