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People trying to work legally in the U. S. need to obtain an employment-based visa.  To start the application process, the person must be a foreign national- someone who is not a citizen of the country they are wanting to enter and comply fully with U. S. immigration laws and procedures.  There are close to 140,000 employment-based visas available each year through the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Our law office will assist you with all steps of the process to gain a work visa so your employment in the U. S. is legal and it can open the way to gaining permanent residence.


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Gaining your own employment visa can be complex and requires a skilled attorney who understands the process.  Doing this alone or with an attorney who comes with a very low price is risky and may turn out to cost you more money in the end.  The Law Offices of Jonny Randall, Esq., pride themselves on taking complete care of their clients and managing each step- so you don’t have to.


No matter if you’re applying for an employment visa due to a permanent employment opportunity waiting in the U. S. or you’re an employer going to sponsor someone.  These steps are required:


• Finding out if the foreign national is eligible for permanent residency through the lawful processes outlined by the USCIS

• The labor certification request form (ETA 9089) completed by the employer for the foreign national and submitted to the Department of Labor’s Employment & Training Administration

• The Petition for Alien Worker and Form I-140 must be approved by USCIS as submitted by the employer who is sponsoring the foreign national

• If the person who is applying for the Employment Visa is already in the U. S., that person must apply for permanent resident status when a visa number is available


Applying for and obtaining a legal Employment Visa is vital for a secure working relationship and beneficial for the employee and employer.


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