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Since 1998 clients and their families from all over the Oklahoma have trusted us to represent them for deportation defense.  When walk into a deportation or removal hearing before an immigration judge you must make sure to have the best and most experienced deportation attorney with you.  This is because the government will be represented by their attorney who will have possibly appeared in hundreds to thousands of deportation hearings.


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If the attorney you choose is not an expert in immigration and deportation defense, you have problems even before the judge walks in.  Too often people go to their hearings and haven’t hired the most experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent them.  They looked for the least expensive attorney because they didn’t understand the importance of their situation or, even worse, appeared without an attorney at all.


Why is this situation so bad?  If you lose your hearing (and you probably will), you are creating a record before the immigration judge and when you return with a better attorney to appeal the judge’s decision, he or she is now going through the record of your last appearance.  It shows how things didn’t go well for you in his /her courtroom the first time, which makes it more difficult to win an appeal the second time.


Hiring an experienced immigration attorney needs to be done the right time, the first time.  Jonny Randall, Esq., has been helping clients become citizens and bring family into the U. S. since 1998.

He, and his staff understand the legal process, potential problems, and will make your case go through the system as quickly as possible.


At any time there are about 300,000 people in the process of being deported before an immigration judge.  At these hearings it’s the government’s burden (responsibility) to prove the person is removable from the U. S. by showing convincing and truthful evidence.

If the government meets this burden, you will have an opportunity to apply for all forms of relief from removal that you’re eligible for.


The most common ways to stop deportation are: adjustment of status, waivers of inadmissibility and removability, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, asylum, withholding of removal, the Convention Against Torture, legalization and registry.


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