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Immigrating to the United States is a goal and sometimes a lifelong dream for people and families around the globe.  Gaining entry into the U. S. and becoming a permanent, lawful resident is a complicated and significant process.  It is also one that is worth the time, energy, and effort.  Once you’ve obtained your green card (permanent resident status) and begin planting roots into the community, the next step is citizenship through naturalization.


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Your benefits of becoming a U. S. citizen are many:


• Eligible to vote in elections and run for elected office

• Eligible for federal employment and get a U. S. passport

• Leave the country and come back as you wish without worrying about your immigration status

• You now have the power to sponsor family members during their own immigration petitions by using the Immediate Relative Visa


You also are part of the family of citizens within the United States of America.


Please understand there are many different ways to naturalization.  Over the years we have walked many clients through the complicated steps of becoming a citizen, then bringing their family to America.  You can apply for naturalization, after obtaining a green card through family or employment, or as a spouse of a U. S. citizen.  If you are part of the U. S. armed forces, this is a qualifier as well, along with being the foreign-born child of a citizen.  If you are applying through the most common route- being a green card holder, you need to be at least 18 years old and have had your green card at least five (5) years.


Other basic eligibility requirements are to have had continuous residence in the

U. S. for five (5) years and must have been in the country for at least half of that time (30 months).  Outside of the basic requirements, you must pass a test showing your ability to read, write, speak English, as well as an examination of your knowledge of U. S. history and government.


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