Bankruptcy Attorney Oklahoma

The stress that comes when you are considering bankruptcy can be overwhelming.  If you have too much debt or need to consolidate your bills, our legal team can help.  We have guided clients for many years to get relief under the Bankruptcy Reform Act.


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Even though many cases are unique, we may be able to:


STOP - Foreclosures on your home

STOP - Repossession of your vehicles

STOP - Garnishments of wages or bank accounts

STOP - Creditor harassment

RELIEVE credit card debt

PROVIDE time to pay back child support through a court approved plan


As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Jonny Randall, Esq., has worked with many clients and seen them through tough times.  He knows you do not have to keep struggling or lose everything.

He will review your situation to let you know what debt relief options may be available to you.


You may be in desperate need and need to regain personal and financial stability, but you are worried you make too much money to qualify.  You may have also heard that bankruptcy is difficult to file for, or that it is an option of last resort for people with nothing to lose.  In reality, personal bankruptcy is often the best solution if you have substantial assets and income.


As an experienced bankruptcy attorney legal team, we will thoroughly review your financial situation and explore your options.


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