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In Oklahoma, you only have 15 days from your arrest to file for an administrative hearing with the Department of Public Safety to save your driving privileges.  It’s important you call us as soon as possible so we can meet, you retain us as your attorney, and we file your paperwork to keep your driving privileges.  If the 15 days have passed, that means your court date is approaching and you need an attorney.  When you go to court, the state will have their own attorney who understands the law and his / her job is not to minimize your legal problems.  That’s where we come in.


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You need to understand the penalties facing you and the possibility of jail time.  The State of Oklahoma is focused on keeping the roads safe by aggressively prosecuting and penalizing individuals charged with DUI / DWI / APC.  This is why working with experienced, proven Oklahoma attorneys is so crucial.  The Law Office of Jonny Randall, Esq., works closely with clients and provides representation during both criminal proceedings.



Some of the important facts to consider during DWI cases include:


• The nature of the charge

• Your criminal record and past convictions

• Arresting protocol of the law enforcement officer

• Field sobriety tests

• Chemical tests, including breath and blood tests


Although each case and charge may be unique, defending against long-lasting penalties is a priority.  Your first DUI / DWI / APC penalty, for example, can consist of hefty fines and ongoing expenses, possible terms of imprisonment, drunk driving education or treatment classes, probation, and driver's license suspensions.  A second offense, as well as subsequent offenses, will result in increased penalties.


When it comes to more serious charges, legal representation is essential to protecting your freedom and future.  Felonies involve mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment and long-term consequences.  You may face steep charges for:


• A third or subsequent DWI

• DWI with a Child Passenger

• Intoxication Assault (DWI involving injury)

• Intoxication Manslaughter (DWI resulting in death)


Don't go it alone when facing legal charges that can change the rest of your life.  We have dedicated our practice to representing clients (immigrants and naturalized citizens) facing legal charges.  We know what to do and how to get your life back to normal.


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