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Throughout Oklahoma, Jonny V. Randall ESQ., INC. has protected, defended, and guided hundreds of clients and their families through the complicated and often difficult immigration system.

He has also been the attorney for companies seeking to employ people who are not yet legally available to hire and require sponsorship.


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Coming to the United States, and even our great state of Oklahoma, has been a dream for many people.  In 1998, Mr. Randall began practicing immigration law in Oklahoma and since then become one of the state’s premier immigration attorneys.


Along with immigration, he also defends citizens and non-citizens facing:


 Criminal Law Cases

  •  Driving Under The Influence
  •  Driving While Intoxicated
  •  Actual Physical Control


 Drug Charges


 Misdemeanors & Felonies


 Family Law Cases

  •  Divorce
  •  Custody
  •  Paternity




Mr. Randall also works with clients to gain their green card, permanent and temporary visas, residency, employment visas, citizenship, and defend those facing the complicated and often rapid system of deportation.  Mr. Randall also defends clients during removal hearings and litigation in state and federal courts.


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